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2008 G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit


Today's Hokkaido Toyako Summit - Message from the Residents Council - What is the Residents Council?

What is the Hokkaido Toyako Summit Promotion Residents Council?

Creation of the Hokkaido Toyako Summit Promotion Residents Council

On June 15th (Friday), the Hokkaido Toyako Summit Promotion Headquarters was established within the town office with the head of the town, Yoshio Nagasaki as the chair. This council is responsible for preparations for the Hokkaido Toyako Summit. In addition, on June 28th (Thursday), the Hokkaido Toyako Summit Promotion Residents Council, whose members consist of government organizations, business groups, and residents groups, was founded, establishing a town-wide support system. This was the beginning of earnest preparations for the summit within the hosting town.

Hokkaido Toyako Summit Promotion Residents Council Articles of Association

Article 1. This council is called the Hokkaido Toyako Summit Promotion Residents Council (referred to below as the Residents Council).
Article 2. In order to make the Hokkaido Toyako Summit (referred to below as the summit) a success, the Residents Council was established to create an attitude of acceptance throughout Toyako-cho, that unites the private and public sectors, and to contribute to invigorating Toyako-cho by undertaking related activities.
Article 3. The Residents Councils conducts the following activities in order to accomplish the goals listed in the previous article.
(1) Activities to promote preparations for the summit, including support for, cooperation for, and acceptance of hosting the summit.
(2) Activities to plan and conduct work related to the summit.
(3) Activities related to advertising and educating people about hosting the summit.
(4) Other work necessary to achieve the goals of the Residents Council.
Article 4. The members of the Residents Council shall be decided upon at the founding general meeting. However, there are no limits to applications from those wanting to participate with the recommendation of the participating organization.
2. If there is an application as discussed in the above article, the chair must consult the board of directors.
Article 5. The Residents Council shall contain the following officers.
(1) Chairperson (Chair) (1)
(2) Co-chairperson (Co-chair) (few)
(3) Director (few)
2. New Resident Council officers can be appointed if the chair recognizes the need to do so and has received the approval of the board of directors as listed in the separate table 1. In this case, the chair shall report the new appointment at the next meeting of the general committee.
(Duties of directors)
Article 6. The chair represents the Residents Council and manages the business of the council.
2. The co-chair assists the chair, and when the chair is absent, takes over the duties of the chair.
3. Directors plan the major business of the Residents Council and deliberate work that must be accomplished.
Article 7. An advisor can be added to the Residents Council.
2. The advisor shall be designated by the chair.
3. The advisor may provide his opinion related to the operation of the Residents Council.
Article 8. The tenure of officers and advisors shall last until the Residents Council is dissolved.
(General meeting)
Article 9. The general committee of the Residents Council shall be convened by and chair, who shall also preside over the meeting, when necessary.
2. The general committee shall vote on the following items:
(1) The establishment or abolishment of Resident Council regulations
(2) Items related to basic policy
(3) Other items necessary to realize the goals given in article 2.
Article 10. The chair may create subcommittees within the Residents Council when necessary
2. Items related to the subcommittees shall be decided on separately by the chair.
(Decision making)
Article 11. Decision making by the general committee and board of directors shall be based on unanimous agreement by participants of the meeting, however, in the case that reaching a unanimous agreement by participants of the meeting is difficult, it shall be made by majority vote. In the case of a split decision, the chair shall cast the deciding vote.
Article 12. There is a secretariat to process the business of the Residents Council.
Article 13. When the business goals have been achieved, the Residents Council shall be dissolved.
(Delegation of Authority)
Article 14. In addition to items stipulated in these regulations, the chair separately decides necessary issues related to the operation of the Residents Council.
(Supplementary Rules)
These rules are effective from June 28, 2007.

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