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2008 G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit


Hokkaido Toyako Summit - Japan's eco activities

Invitation to Cool Earth 50

[The issues]

It is necessary to create a new framework to reduce emissions. All countries should participate in this framework, which should go beyond the Kyoto protocol.

The three following concerns have been raised about creating this framework, but all of them can be overcome.

(1) Efforts to reduce emissions may hinder economic growth.

(2) It may not be sufficient if some countries don’t strive to reduce emissions while others do.

(3) Demanding developing countries to implement counter-measures seems unfair.

When Japan was working on overcoming serious pollution and the oil crisis, it was able to reduce its oil consumption by 8% while doubling its GDP. The key to solving the problem is advanced technology, a social structure and tradition in harmony with the environment, and a will to make it happen.

[Overview of the Entire Proposal]

Japan would like to invite everyone today to the beautiful planet, earth, of Year 2050.

In order to accomplish this, Japan is proposing a package of measures referred to as “Cool Earth 50,” which are centered on the following three items.

[Proposal (1): Long-term strategy to reduce global emissions]

Japan proposes as a common global long-term goal, cutting global emissions in half by 2050, compared to present levels.

In order to achieve this, Japan is proposing a long-term vision of "developing revolutionary technologies" and "creating a low-carbon society."

[Proposal (2): The proposal of “Three Principles” to design a global scheme for sometime after 2013.]

Japan proposes, to the world community, the following "three principles" to design a detailed scheme to combat global warming for sometime after 2013.

(1) All countries that are major emitters will take part, the actions taken will go beyond the Kyoto Protocol, and the actions will lead to a reduction in global emissions.

(2) The scheme will be flexible and diverse and will take into account each country’s situation.

(3) The scheme will make use of various technologies including energy efficient ones, and balance environmental protection with economic growth.

Japan also proposes the creation of a new funding mechanism based on international cooperation to support developing countries that have a strong desire to participate.

It is important to expand efforts to improve energy efficiency throughout the world and to support international efforts and create basic infrastructures to expand the use of nuclear energy.

It is necessary to examine methods such as comprehensive efforts to combat pollution and global warming, emissions trading, and economic incentives.

[Proposal (3): Develop a citizen campaign to achieve the targets in the Kyoto Protocol]

The plan to achieve the target of a 6% reduction in emission in the Kyoto Protocol should be reviewed.

Governments should promote the effort initiative and accelerate efforts by local governments and the business sector.

Citizen campaigns should be developed, and there should be a call for support and creativity under the motto of "1 kilogram per day per person." In addition, in terms of development of a citizen campaign, new proposals should be solicited and used.


Japan's idea of a "beautiful country" is also based on the question of whether there is a need to transform present civilization in order to live in harmony with the environment and to continue human development.

Reference: Ministry of Foreign Affair's website: Cool Earth 50 – A new proposal to combat global warming

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