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2008 G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit


Nature and the Volcano - Toyako-cho - Mount Usu Data

274 types

This is the number of types of vegetation, excluding fungus, seaweed, and moss, in the Mount Usu area.
This number was identified through a study by the Environment Agency conducted between October 2001 and May 2002 to investigate the effect of the year 2000 eruption on plant life in the area around Mount Usu.


This is the area of forests that was damaged by the year 2000 Mount Usu eruption.
As of June 13th-14th 2000, a study by the Hokkaido Forestry Research Institute showed that 34.9 hectares of national forests and 49.8 hectares of private forests had been damaged.


This is the height of the smoke plume observed above Mount Usu on August 7th, 1977.
This was 500 meters from the crater of the year 2000 eruption.


This is the total amount of material such as volcanic ash and rock that was discharged by Mount Usu during the 1977 eruption.
At that time, volcanic ash from Mount Usu fell on 119 municipalities within Hokkaido.

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