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2008 G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit


Tourism and Food - Sightseeing - Southern area

・Toyako Sculpture Park

Photograph of Toyako Sculpture Park

Straddling Toyako-cho and Sobetsu-cho, the park includes a total of 58 sculptures that are located on the shore of Toyako. In order to develop the concept of a sculpture park, the Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale is held every two years. During the event, each entrant develops their own world in a small work of art (no more than 40cm tall) that is created based on the theme of “A universe in the parm of Our Hand.”

Toyako-cho Tourism Promotion Division

・Mount Usu Eruption Memorial Park

Photograph of Mount Usu Eruption Memorial Park

This park was created on the shore of Toyako to commemorate the eruption of Mount Usu in 2000.
The park is located west of the hot spring area and near Chin-kojima and is famous as a location for photo taking. The park includes a grassy area, parking lot, and restrooms.

Location: 147, Toyako-onsen, Toyako-cho

・Toyako Visitor Center / Volcanic Science Museum

Photograph of Toyako Visitor Center / Volcanic Science Museum

The Toyako Visitor Center provides and displays information related to the local environment and information necessary to enjoy that nature. The Volcano Science Museum, displays material on volcanic activity such as historic images of the explosion of Mount Usu. The building is maintained by the Ministry of the Environment while the contents are provided by Toyako-cho. Since the decision to hold the summit in Toyako, it is expected that the museum will also be source of information on global environmental protection.

Location: 5-142 Toyako-onsen, Toyako-cho

・Memorial Trail of Konpira Crater

Photograph of Memorial Trail of Konpira Crater

Konpira craters are the graphic scars of the March 2000 eruption of Mount Usu. They are located near the Toyako Onsen area, and an asphalt path passes by the craters. One can get close to the remains of such structures as the Yasuragi no ie(public bath) and a housing complex that was damaged by the eruption and a bridge that was washed away by the mudflow.

・Nishiyama (Mount Nishi) Promenade

Photograph of Nishiyama (Mount Nishi) Promenade

The winding promenade, which passes the crater formed by the volcanic eruption in 2000, was the location of a national highway that was warped into its present shape by the deformations in the earth's crust caused by the eruption.
It provides the most graphic image of the eruption in 2000.

・Fountain Square

Photograph of Fountain Square

The park, which opened on August 3,2007 was built on the site of the former Toyako Kyokai Hospital.
The park's fountains were created out of the kindness of Kazuko Beniko from Sapporo, who donated the fountains to the city along with a poem as a requiem for her departed son Mitsuhiro, who held an extreme fondness for the scenery of Toyako, as she wanted to leave a monument in his rememberance.

・Irie / Takasago Shell Mound Park

Photograph of Irie / Takasago Shell Mound Park

Discovered in 1942, the shell mound was designated a national historic site in 1988, and the present park was created on that site.
In addition, the shell mound museum displays archaeological finds.

Location 31-190 Irie, Toyako-cho

・Toyako Onsen

Introduction to the Allure of Toyako-cho Video Clip No.2

This is the top tourist area within Hokkaido in terms of number of hotels and ryokan (traditional Japanese hotels), and is known for its abundant volume of hot spring.
The lake and surrounding mountains form one of the top three views in Hokkaido.
The hot spring water contains various minerals, including sodium, calcium, chloride, and sulfates, which are effective for several ailments including neuralgia, arthritis, and fatigue.

・Hand and Feet Baths

Photograph of Hand and Feet Baths

Visitors can easily enjoy the experience of hot springs. There are 12 locations where visitors can soak their hands and 2 locations were they can soak their feet.

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