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2008 G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit


Tourism and Food - Events

Event Calendar

October - March

End of April - end of October
Toyako Long-run Fireworks Display
Beginning of October
Tsukiura Wine Festival
End of December
Holy Light Christmas in Toya
Beginning of December - End of the March
Toyako Onsen Street of Illumination
Middle of February
Toyako Onsen Winter Festival
End of February
Toya Winter Festival
Showa Shinzan International Snowball Fight Tournament

April - September

Middle of May - end of September
Toyako Onsen Tourism Asa-ichi (morning market)
End of May
Toyako Marathon
End of June
Toyako Industry Festival
Middle of July
Iwaya Kanon Festival
End of July - end of August
Toyako Onsen Summer Festival
End of July
Prince Shotoku Festiva / Toya Summer Festival
Toya hand-made Canoe Festival
End of August
Toyako Benma Festival
Showa-shinzan Fire Festival
Middle of September
Hokkaido Two Day March
End of September
Kanawa Harvest Festival
The photograph of fireworks

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