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2008 G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit


Eco Activities - Activity examples - Toyako visitor center and the volcano science museum

Environment-friendly Energy

The Toyako Visitor Center and the Volcanic Science Museum have adopted both a solar power system and a geothermal heat extraction system as sources of energy for their facilities. These systems are less of a burden on the environment and reduce CO2 emissions.

Solar power

Solar power makes use of nature’s gift of sunlight as energy, and is friendly to the environment. A power conditioner transforms the direct current electricity generated by solar power cells into an alternating current. This energy is used to power equipment such as lights in the display room.

Chart of solar power

Geothermal heat extraction

The temperature in the ground is stable throughout the year, being lower than air temperature in the summer and higher than the air temperature in the winter. Geothermal heat extraction makes use of this attribute. By passing outside air through the geothermal heat extraction tube, it is possible to supply the interior of the building with air that is cooler than the outside air during the summer and air that is warmer than the outside air during the winter. This enables the reduction in the amount of energy used by the building.

Chart of geothermal heat extraction

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